Quiet Fire Silencers

Firearm Suppression

We make silencers because we want to shoot in our backyards.

Firearms are loud. That is fact. 
The noise actually has two separate causes that happen so quickly that we can't tell them apart. One, the burning of the gun powder. When ignited by the primer, the gun powder burns so quickly that is causes a "Pop" noise that is associated with gun fire. The second cause is the projectile portion of the bullet breaking the sound barrier and causing a sonic boom.
The first we can address with silencer technology and the second is addressed by using subsonic ammunition.

Our Mission

At Quiet Fire, our mission is to create the best silencers for firearms enthusiasts and gun owners that want to shoot in their backyard without disturbing the neighborhood.

Our Motto

Shoot without disturbing the peace. 

Who we are

Quiet Fire LLC is a US Veteran owned and operated business specializing in firearm sound suppressors. Our products allow firearm enthusiasts and gun owners alike to enjoy their hobbies without disturbing the peace.

Quiet Fire LLC


Mount Eden, KY 40046